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Only Health Fans

How Emotions Ruin Our Health – Anger Destroys The Liver, Shock – The Heart

As stress can affect the heart, just like that other strong emotion affects other organs. Alternative medicine connects the negative thoughts to some diseases.

These 5 emotions can lead to a problem with certain organs


Anger is a very powerful emotion which is followed by a strong physical manifestation such as increases blood pressure, headache, and vertigo. Some studies state that disguised anger can slow down the work of the liver which is the main organ for toxin cleansing. Anger can cause loss of appetite, digestive problems, and even diarrhea.


Sudden breakup or loss of work or even a loss of life are very traumatic events. These can cause a shock to your body and leave scars on the body.  Also, more prolonged exposure to shocks can cause serious problems within the body. If the case is severe you might need to seek medical help.


Fear can cause problems with the kidneys. A long term exposure to fear cause from an event, someone or from the workplace can slow down and interrupt the normal work of the kidneys.


Sadness can lead you to cry. This can cause short term exhaustion, but prolonged exposure to this emotion weakens the lungs. Chinese homeopathic cure of depression includes stimulation to certain spots on the body which are found right on this organ.


People who worry too much have digestive problems. Some negative thoughts can lead to diarrhea, throw up and other chronic problems connected with the digestive system. Some researchers connect obsessive worrying with developing an ulcer and even cancer.

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